Why Cory Booker and Mindy Kaling Need to Date

So, Mindy Kaling and Cory Booker don’t seem like the most obvious couple; She’s a Hollywood actress and he’s a Senator from New Jersey. But, Booker recently reached out to Kaling via Twitter, and the convo became flirtatious.

On the latest episode of The Mindy Project, Kaling’s character Mindy Lahiri threw a party in her Manhattan apartment, and joked that Booker came just so he could get out of Newark. This prompted Booker to jokingly tweet that he was hurt, but still appreciated Kaling.

Then Lahiri responded, saying the shade is actually an honor, and she’s a fan of his as well.

Booker followed up by adorably asked Kaling on a date, so he could show her all Newark has to offer.

In the end, Kaling said yes, and the two continued to joke over whether Kaling would take the PATH train or if Booker would send a car from Lyft to pick her up.

TBH, the whole thing almost seems like a PR stunt to promote Newark, the PATH, Lyft, or all three combined. But we’re hoping he slid into her DMs to talk about the official deets, because Kaling, a Cancer, and Booker, a Taurus, could be a perfect match.

Taurus and Cancer are one of the most compatible couples in the zodiac. 

A Taurus/Cancer couple has the potential to be perfectly balanced. Taurus’ stable and steady nature complements the loyal Cancer. Both Taurus and Cancer value permanence, and they can find that in each other. Taurus’ are easy-going, and can calm the sometimes-moody Cancer. This loving and affectionate couple share the same value and need for peace, meaning there will be minimal drama in their relationship. Most importantly, a Taurus/Cancer couple share the same emotional goals. Love, family, and home is most important to both signs, meaning they have the perfect foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

Booker’s name has been thrown around as a potential presidential candidate for 2020, and fans are already fantasizing about Kaling being his first lady.

Mindy Kaling as First Lady? Now we’re officially shipping these two. And if the romance doesn’t make it beyond Twitter, hopefully Booker will atleast make a cameo on The Mindy Project so we can see our fantasy unfold in some form.

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