Celebrating Women of the Zodiac: Virgo and Libra Edition.

For the third edition of our Women’s History Month series we will be celebrating some exemplary Virgo and Libra women.


Virgo women are intelligent and intuitive realists. To many they seem like super-human problem solvers; the women mentioned below certainly are.

Taraji P. Henson and Katherine Johnson

Photo: New York Daily News

Taraji P. Henson and Katherine Johnson are both incredibly inspirational women.

Taraji P. Henson achieved her dream of becoming a critically acclaimed actress, despite being a single mother after becoming pregnant while studying theatre at Howard University. She discusses her difficult journey in her memoir, Around the Way Girl. Some of the personal struggles she shared in the memoir include the insane wage gap between she and her Benjamin Button co-stars, and how certain roles meant for her were given to white actresses because they would do better at the box office. Henson is now at the top of her game, starring as Cookie Lyon, an uncompromising businesswoman and proud mother on the smash-hit Empire. She also starred as the amazing Katherine Johnson, who also happens to be a Virgo, in the highly-praised movie Hidden Figures.

Katherine Johnson played a major role in getting American astronauts Alan Sheppard and John Glenn into space. Johnson was the NASA mathematician who figured out the formulas that helped successfully launch and land the rockets. She, and the other African American mathematicians she worked with, were wildly under-appreciated for their achievements, until the book and movie, Hidden Figures, brought them to light. Like Henson, Johnson achieved all of this as a single mother, after her first husband died and before she married her second.

These two amazing women, shown above at the 2017 Academy Awards, show that if you continue to hustle and follow your dreams, you’ll eventually get to where you want to be.


Rowan Blanchard

Libra women are charming, witty and are known for thinking through both sides of any situation before deciding what is right.

Photo: US Magazine

Some people may discredit Rowan Blanchard for her youth, but she is wise beyond her fifteen years of age. The star of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, based on the 90s show Boy Meets World, has emerged as a young activist. Blanchard has informed her young fans about issues they may not have been exposed to otherwise, including women’s, racial, and LGBTQ issues. She has also used her following on social media to encourage young women to be themselves and to speak their minds. Blanchard wrote in an Instagram post “I am not shy to speak my mind on anything, and I encourage my fans to be the same. I want teens my age to know that they have a voice and it should not be silenced. I have been lucky enough to grow up around people who have let me use my voice to speak about the things I see. There is not an age requirement on when to start changing the world.” People young and old can take notes from this inspirational actress; everyone’s voice has value, all you need to do is share it.


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