Which Bachelor contestant is the best Astrological match for Nick?

Season 21 of the Bachelor has certainly been a doozy. The fourth time doesn’t seem to be the charm for Nick Viall so far, who’s previously vied for love on two seasons of The Bachelorette and one season of Bachelor in Paradise. Fans were hopeful that his fourth chance at love would lead to a happy ending, but so far he’s struggled as the star of The Bachelor and even contemplated giving up in the latest episode. Luckily, Nick decided to continue his search for love and has narrowed it down to the four women whose hometowns and families he will visit. From there, he will take three women to the fantasy suites, and then hopefully propose to one of the final two.

One variable I assume Nick didn’t consider in his decision-making process is astrology, so below is a ranking of who Nick should have picked from his top four based on astrological compatibility.

But first, a bit of astrological info about Nick:

Nick has proved himself to be the quintessential Libra man. Libra is the sign of partnerships, which leads Nick to spend time cultivating and contemplating his relationships as he pursues the perfect love affair. He can easily charm women because he’s great at relating to them, which he proved by befriending all the ladies on Bachelor in Paradise. Libras are also known for their indecisiveness, which could be why Nick seems to question himself and his decisions.

Now, let’s see who Mr. Libra should have picked!


Fourth Choice: Rachel Lindsay


ABC spoiled one of the frontrunners for us by announcing that Rachel Lindsay will be the star of The Bachelorette next season, meaning that it didn’t work out between her and Nick. Seeing as she is a stubborn Taurus and he is a fickle Libra, it makes sense that they didn’t end up together. While both signs are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and desire, they express themselves in different ways and don’t share many similarities. Taurus are usually more low-key than outgoing Libra. Libras love to live extravagantly, while Taurus’s are practical and frugal. Taurus’s can also appear to be overly domineering to easygoing Libra. Any of these major differences could cause a relationship to suffer. These two started off strong, with Rachel receiving the first impression rose, so we’ll have to wait and see what ultimately caused the demise of their relationship.

Third Choice: Corinne Olympios


Corinne is undoubtedly the most hated of Nicks love interests, and fans are surprised that she made it this far in the season. It makes sense that Scorpio Corinne has been able to tempt Nick with her seductress ways and blind him from the underlying issues in their relationship. Libra are easily flattered by attention, and Corinne gives Nick as much attention as she can. She isn’t afraid to talk to him multiple times on group dates, and even snuck up to his room for extra alone time in the most recent episode. Libra also have a knack for thinking through both sides of a situation, so Nick is able to try to understand the impulsive or outlandish things Corinne does. However, once a relationship between a Scorpio and Libra passes the beginning stages, their union can become less appealing to both partners. Scorpio are temperamental and are easily angered, which will eventually wear down a laidback Libra. Possessive Scorpio will try to control their Libra lover, but Libra won’t let their freedom go so easily. Libra will be tempted to leave as Scorpio increasingly shows their jealous side. This leads me to think that Nick won’t be down on one knee for Corinne in the season finale, or if he is, the couple won’t make it down the aisle.

Second Choice: Vanessa Grimaldi


Should two Libras flock together like birds of a feather do? If Nick chooses Vanessa as his bride-to-be, it may prove that they should. Sharing a sign with a partner can either work for or against the relationship. As Libras, Nick and Vanessa are both friendly, vivacious, and enjoy leading lavish lives. However, Libras need a partner that can balance out their indecisiveness. Since they don’t trust themselves to make decisions it may be hard to trust their partner, and we’ve already seen Vanessa question a few of Nicks decisions. It’s also important that these two continue to pursue their own passions and don’t get too wrapped up in one another, or they will eventually grow tired of their similarities. The main problem in a dual Libra partnership is that both partners have high expectations but lack trust. If these two do end up together, they’ll both need to let go of their insecurities and learn to trust each other.

First Choice: Raven Gates


Out of all the women on the show, Nick seems to have the best time with Raven. Playful Libras and energetic Leos make for an excellent couple. Both signs are fun-loving, with Leos being the life of the party and Libras standing by their side supporting them. It’s telling that Nick chose to introduce Raven to his family early in the season, knowing she’d easily get along with them. Leos and Libras love to live sumptuously, and they will both enjoy showing off their partner to the world. As a fashion boutique owner and reality TV veteran, this couple would shine as bright as the Leo sun. One thing that could be lacking in this relationship is a level of seriousness, but that could also be a good thing. Nick and Raven have discussed serious topics on the show, including past relationship drama, but both were able to remain optimistic about the future and return to being their goofy selves. These two have a strong foundation for a life-long relationship, so I hope Raven is the one who received the Neil Lane ring!

Tune in to ABC tonight at 8 PM EST to see which woman is the first to lose her chance with Nick.

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